All the systems are back online you can now all proceed pn ordering your services! thank you for the patience and understanding. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us, or submit a ticket. Our team will cater you the earliest possible.

29th Jun 2018
Payment processing is currently down

We received reports about payments not going thru, and not being processed. We are currently inviestigating the issue and our techinicians are already on the case. Rest assured your websites are not affected, we just cant accept payments for the mean time . We will update you as soon as this is resolved. Thanks for your support and consideration

28th Jun 2018
New packages, Free SSL, SSD Server, Speedstep technology and more!

Along with the new hosting platform we also updated all the service we offer for web hosting. We now offer FREE SSL to all web hosting service, we upgrade our servers to have more power with new SSD drives and the new speedstep technology. Now all sites hosted on our platform will guarantee an increase in loadtimes, much secure sites and Free SSL ... Read More »

18th Jun 2018
We are NOW LIVE!

We have moved to a new customer relations platform for our webhosting service. In this platform you can now personally manage your account details, billing, invoices, and more. You can now also add, remove or upgrade any services you currently have with us using this system.

18th Jun 2018

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